Project Date
Creative Direction, UX


The Pusher marketing website is seen by tens of thousands of visitors every month. It’s the primary destination for Pusher to acquire new signups and customers, so any changes can have a huge impact on conversion and revenue for the business at large.

I had the responsibility of redesigning the marketing site, and as part of the project I established a clear style guide for Pusher – something we could reference across the web, our events materials, merchandise, and other promotional work. The style guide is used by members of the team across the board – from engineering to marketing and sales.

We invested heavily in research, giving us a better understanding of how users engaged with our product, which ultimately led to us establishing a series of personas that guided our work on the marketing site. We found a series of primary use cases for Pusher, and also found that many people were struggling to understand how our product offering could help them. This led us to develop the site with a view to helping users understand the value that realtime could add to their product and how they can employ realtime technology to improve their own user experience.

One of the challenges of the redesign was to balance the developer-friendly approach of the previous site, with a message that appealed to a wider audience. We’re continuing to develop the company direction and we’re developing the style guide and website to align with this in an agile manner.